Thursday, February 04, 2010

Is it spring yet??

Yes, Ashley went to school today. AN HOUR DELAY.

And yes, I feel better writing that in all caps.

And what do we have in the forecast for tonight/tomorrow/Saturday?

More crap. Possible freezing rain tonight. More rain, possible snow flurries Saturday.

So instead of going to school for her makeup day on Saturday, Ashley is supposed to have her basketball breakfast/pictures/game. I am thinking that none of that will happen if the forecast stays the same.

We moved to North Carolina to get away from the most of the snow (which we did considering where we are from in Virginia is supposed to get "paralyzing" amounts of snow this weekend). I really don't want to move further south.

On another sort of school related note, the school board for our county is holding 4 meetings over the next few weeks about the school calendars. Wake County, NC has traditional, year-round and modified calendars for its schools. Confused yet? Anyway, Ashley is in a year-round school and we love it. So I registered to speak at the meeting next week and I am speaker number 11. I am not sure what I will say, but I am sure speakers 1-10 will give me enough to speak about because I am sure someone will get up and say year-round sucks because we go to school longer (WE ALL GO TO SCHOOL 184 DAYS REGARDLESS OF THE CALENDAR) or we miss our summers (vacationing in Disney World in December was AWESOME). Look for a riveting post about that next week.


Martha said...

I'm always glad to see someone stick up for year round schools instead of just the typical knee jerk reaction ("change bad!")

People do seem to forget that the school year has the same number of days regardless!

Amanda said...

I think you guys have more snow this year then we have in Mass!! Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

What IS wrong with this world when you guys get more snow than I, in NY, have gotten?! This next storm is suppose to miss us by a very, very small margin. Which means it WON'T miss us and we'll get a foot of snow (God willing!!).

Honestly, in the beginning when year-round schools started popping up, I was horrified. The more you post about it and the more I read about it, it actually seems better. And yes...the same amount of school.


WorkingMom said...

I WISH we had the option of year-round schools here in MA. With Hubby's and my work schedules and the MCAS tests, we cannot travel from the end of August to the middle of June. I'm also sick of fighting the summer brain drain.