Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, I know I said in my last post that I couldn't do any of the races in Raleigh (and I actually had the date wrong for one of them).

I am now signed up for Raleigh Rocks on March 27 as my friend can run that one now.

So my plan is to do both that one and the one in Virginia. Just don't tell Ray.

I think this planning (I love putting together spreadsheets) and getting excited about actually having some time to train for these races is getting me a little out of the winter funk. My run at lunch the other day had the following splits:

Mile 1 - 9:54
Mile 2 - 9:54
Mile 3 - 9:57
Mile .62 - 9:44

Not bad and I was pain free the whole time. That was a first since last November. Let's see if I can run pain free on the treadmill tonight. And I need to workout tonight as this weekend is going to be slightly c-r-a-z-y. It wasn't originally like this as my parents were going to come visit, but now it seems everything is landing on this weekend. Tomorrow night Ashley and Audrey have friends spending the night (Audrey's friend is a boy). To clarify, we swap with friends of ours (the friend I am running with currently) to watch our kids. One night with us, the next time with them. This is the second round of this, and it has worked out great so far.

Saturday? Ashley and I have a World Thinking Day event for Girl Scouts at 9:00am, then we leave that to get to her basketball game at 11:00am. I leave that at 11:30 to take Audrey to a birthday party (it was rescheduled from the snow a few weekends ago) at the third circle of hell, I mean Chuck E Cheese. Ray and Ashley have a polar bear swim at 1:45pm with Y Princesses (Ashley thinks she has to swim outside, they are actually going to be at a pool). Then at 6:00pm Ray is taking the girls to a Daddy/Daughter dance at the gym.

Confused yet? I think I need to make a spreadsheet of our events....

Oh, and if it wasn't enough that the Myrtle Beach Marathon was cancelled, the founder of the race passed away this morning. I am thinking that the 13th Annual Myrtle Beach Marathon should have skipped right over 13....


Ann said...

You would leave me in the dust if I tried to run with you! Happy to hear you are pain free :). Good luck with your crazy weekend!

SJINCO said...

And here I thought I was super busy, but uh, maybe it's just pure laziness afterall!? I really have no other excuse...

You always have a ton of things going on! Your girls probably love you for it. Glad to hear your run was pain-free! Have a good weekend.

kelli said...

I am a new reader of your blog, and I am too running the Raleigh Rocks half. We are coming to Raleigh from Massachusetts we have friends in the area.
Good luck with your crazy weekend.