Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have over the last few weeks run over my lunch hour at a trail close to my office. I only do it on days where the temps are in the low 40s (or colder) so I don't sweat too much since I don't have the ability to shower before returning to work (I do have these cool Nathan Power Shower wipes though). This has worked well until today.

I have this weird sweaty thing that happens to me sometimes. I workout (run or whatever) and about 30-45 minutes after my workout, I break out in a huge sweat. As in clothes drenching sweat. As in I am sitting at my desk, back in my Mizuno long sleeve shirt I ran in (awesome, awesome shirt by the way) because the shirt I changed back into when I got back to my office is soaked. Luckily my boss isn't here today. And luckily my Mizuno shirt wicks away the sweat because I am still sweating.


But I think my friend and I have found a new half marathon to run - the Marine Corp Historic Half on May 16th in Fredericksburg, VA. There are actually three half marathons in March in Raleigh, but one is sold out, one my friend is busy that weekend, and the other is a trail race with only about 400 participants (meaning I would surely come in last). So Fredericksburg it is! And why am I excited about this? Ray and I were born there, and our parents live there or close by. That means a big cheering section!

So yes, Dad and Diane, I will be coming that weekend....

This also gives me time to actually do a 12 week training program unlike the random 5 week training program I did for the Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon. I actually get to build my miles back up and get an aerobic base again. And hopefully add a little bit of speed.

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LMC said...

It's a good thing you had an extra shirt! Good luck with your training. I also just started training for a marathon in May. I plan to run the Tobacco Road Half Marathon as a training run. It's kinda funny that all 3 half marathons in Raleigh are in March. Why not April?