Wednesday, February 03, 2010

No School

Temperature check: 50 degrees

Snow check: Not much left at all on the ground, can see mostly grass

School check: Ashley is on her third day of no school

Great job Wake County, NC for cancelling school today when the sun is shining, all the private schools/daycares/preschools all have school (except for the ones who stupidly follow Wake County...).

Audrey is at school today. She was at school yesterday in fact.

So what does this mean in terms of makeup days? Since Ashley goes to a year round school, this means 3 Saturday classes. One this Saturday, one May 1st and another May 8th. They are half days of classes each.

And call me a horrible parent, I really don't care, but I am not sending Ashley to school this Saturday. She has a basketball game that morning, and I gave her the choice of school or basketball. She chose basketball. I am not worried about makeup work as Ashley missed an entire week of school for the flu in the fall, and had no trouble catching back up.


Pamela said...

I would be interested in knowing how many kids actually so up on Saturday

Anonymous said...

Saturday class? Eww. That's hideous.

No, you're not a horrible parent. You know your girl better than anyone--if you felt missing that morning was NOT good for her, you wouldn't let her.