Friday, July 23, 2010

The Heat is Going to Kill Me

Last night I met up with my friend Wendy to run 4 miles at a new trail (new to me anyway) in a neighboring town.

When we started at 8:00pm, it was 95 degrees outside. When we finished about 45 minutes later, it was still 91 degrees out.

I was soaked. We made it 2 miles (and up 2 hills) before I needed a quick walk break. I felt like I couldn't catch my breath.

I am not normally a wimp in the heat, but running in it sucks. Twice on the trail we had runners fly by us. So I guess it is just me who sucks running in the heat.

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LMC said...

Hi Amy! I am just now catching up on all the posts that I have missed recently. Happy belated birthday to Ashley. I have to say, she makes good eating choices. We love The Pit. Anyway, I am with you 100% on this crazy heat, and I actually prefer to run in the summer time! My poor hubby is really having a rough time! He overheats easily. Today, we were in Asheville and we ran on a nice wide path off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a great and beautiful run, and most notably, it was 68 degrees!! We were very very happy. Tomorrow, we'll be back to running in the horrible heat around here.
Hang in there! It has to get better soon....doesn't it? Hope you're having a great weekend!