Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick Recap

Ashley's birthday party was a success. I took her and some of her friends to see the Ramona and Beezus movie on Saturday. Great movie for girls (Ray was utterly bored with it) but warning, it has some sad parts in it. Audrey was sobbing at one point over something that happened and Ray had to take her out of the theater for a few minutes.

Her present from us and the Grandparents was a new bed. I found one I liked on Ikea's website, and it was even available to order online (or so I thought). The closest 2 stores to us are in Charlotte, NC or Woodbridge, VA (both 3 hours or more away). So I went to order it Sunday and I could add the bed to my cart, but then when I went to pay, it said the bed was not available online. Nor was it available at either close store.

Next option - a discount furniture warehouse place nearby. I found the perfect bed, and the price was $399, but it said "any reasonable offers accepted". So I offered $299 and got it. Ray was pissed as he of course thought I could have talked them down to $250, but I am just not good at that stuff. New bedding from ebay has been ordered, and now she just needs to pick a room color, and her new-ish room makeover for her birthday will be complete.

I did get a run in Saturday morning with Ann again on the Tobacco Trail. We only did 6 this time, and it went by fast. It made me realize that training for the Austin Marathon in December and January by myself is going to SUCK A$$. I might have to pay people to run with me.


judy said...

Hi! I just came upon your blog and love it. I too am a mom trying to squeeze in my life and runs.

Anonymous said...

Still a great deal! Saving $100 is better than $25 :)

Can't wait to see pictures of her made over room!!